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SAML Overview

The plugin supports the following SAML identity providers (IdP):

  • Azure Active Directory (Office 365) Applications

If you would like to see the support for the following identity providers, please reach out:

  • Salesforce
  • Okta
  • Ping Identity

Time Synchronization

Importantly, SAML assertion validation checks timestamps. It is critical that the application validating the assertions maintains accurate clock. The out of sync time WILL result in failed authentications.


The following configuration is common across variations of SAML identity provider:

      saml identity provider azure {
method saml
realm azure
driver azure
Parameter NameDescription
methodMust be set to saml
realmThe realm is used to distinguish between various SAML authentication providers
providerIt is either generic or specific, e.g. azure, okta, etc.

The URL for the SAML endpoint is: <AUTH_PORTAL_PATH>/saml/<REALM_NAME>.

If you specify realm as azure and the portal is being served at /auth, then you could access the endpoint via /auth/saml/azure.

The Reply URL could be https://localhost:8443/auth/saml/azure.