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Whether you are using or hosting your own Gitlab instance (e.g. at, create a new app by browsing to one of the following URLs:


Gitlab - New Application

Gitlab - New Application - Scopes

Gitlab - New Application - Review

The following Caddyfile allows Gitlab-based authentication.

By default, Gitlab groups are not included into the token, unless the user_group_filters directive is being user in the configuration.

The following directives instruct the portal to add the groups having barfoo in their name and the groups whose names start with the a.

          user_group_filters barfoo
user_group_filters ^a

In this case, the groups making it to the JWT token are:


When a user browses to the app and clicks Gitlab link, the user is being redirected to Gitlab instance.

Gitlab - Initiate Login

The user should click Authorize to continue.

Gitlab - Authorize App

Once logged in, the user may browse to "My Identity".

Gitlab - Portal

The relevant Gitlab data became a part of the JWT token issued by the portal.

Gitlab - User Identity