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User Registration

The following Caddyfile contains configuration with email-based registration.

The newly registered users will appear in the registrations.json file. An administrator must manually move entries from registrations.json to users.json file.

The parameters are:

  • dropbox: The file path pointing to registration database.
  • code: The registration code. A user must know what that code is to successfully submit a registration request.
  • require accept terms: A user must accept terms and conditions, as well as privacy policy to proceed
  • disabled on: disables user registration
  • title: changes the title of the registration page
  • require domain mx: forces the check of domain MX record
  • admin email: defines the email recipients after a registrant clicked email confirmation link and provided valid code

This screenshot is the registration screen with default options:

The following is the registration screen with mandatory registration code and the acceptable of terms and conditions: