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Local Configuration

The following directive instructs the plugin to use the local $HOME/.local/caddy/users.json file for authentication.

security {
local identity store localdb {
realm local
path {$HOME}/.local/caddy/users.json

authentication portal myportal {
enable identity store localdb
} {
authenticate with myportal

Please browse the following configuration files for examples:

The plugin creates local authentication file (i.e. users.json) if it does not exist already.

After starting the server, and find the following following log entries with user_name and user_secret.

{"level":"info","ts":1588704471.5784082,"logger":"http.authentication.providers.portal","msg":"created new user","user_id":"cd5f647a-cc04-4ae2-9d0a-2d5e9b95cf98","user_name":"webadmin","user_email":"webadmin@localdomain.local","user_claims":{"roles":"superadmin"}}
{"level":"info","ts":1588704471.5784378,"logger":"http.authentication.providers.portal","msg":"created default superadmin user for the database","user_name":"webadmin","user_secret":"d87e7749-0dd8-482b-91a2-ada370263293"}

Alternatively, use the following environment variables to instruct the plugin which username, email and password to use.